3 Tips for Practical Gift Giving

Each year, so many of us stress over what to buy those on our holiday list. It can be a major headache to shop for people who have everything!


1.    Experience Over Stuff
I don’t know about you, but our closets are BURSTING at the seams. So this holiday season, be considerate of everyone else’s closets! Treat a family to water park fun or movie theater passes. Consider a trip to the zoo with the kids for grandparents. Memories made will last so much longer than the “latest and greatest” toy or gadget.


2.    Think Consumable
What’s more practical than food or drink gifts?! Specialty food stores are pros at holiday gift giving. And liquor stores will often have gift sets available. And the best part is food and drinks are the most usable gifts you can give. It is so fun for people to open a box of meat and cheese that they normally wouldn’t have purchased for themselves. Or for a family to enjoy delicious steaks together. And you know what makes a busy parent really smile? Coffee. All the coffee.


3.    When In Doubt …
If your recipient is truly difficult to shop for (and we all have one of those, don’t we …), consider a gift certificate. Gift certificates to big box stores and online giants can seem a little insincere, but local restaurants and shops send a warmer vibe. The feelings experienced from browsing a local boutique, picking out something delicious at your favorite meat market, or eating a special meal at a restaurant in town are hard to replicate. And we’ve all seen those posters that describe how dollars spent in locally owned businesses benefit families and the neighborhoods in which they do business; ultimately spreading holiday cheer in the communities that we live.


Ultimately, holiday gifts should be fun and exciting, and really make the recipient feel appreciated!